Q4 - V4 4.25" Gearcase

Q4 - V4 4.25" Gearcase

Q4 - Quicksilver for V4 (4.25" Gear Case)

The aggressive  4-blade Q4 generates exceptional lift resulting in a propeller that provides outstanding holeshot, unmatched midrange performance and superior handling, all while running at best-in-class top speeds.  The new Q4 is the ideal match on a wide range of boat types (Bass, Multi-Species, Fish and Ski, Center Console, Bay, Pontoon).

Equipped with PVS ‑ Performance Vent System

Flo-Torq II hub system not included

  • Available in 13 - 21 pitch increments
  • Right hand rotation
  • Fits all outboards 60 Command Thrust - 125 HP
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Quicksilver Q4 48-8M0055559 Propeller

Q4 Quicksilver 48-8M0055559 4 Blade Stainless Steel 14 x 13 RH  Hub System - Requires- Flo..


$511.43 $409.14

Quicksilver Q4 48-8M0055560 Propeller

Q4 Quicksilver 48-8M0055560 4 Blade Stainless Steel 13.5 x 15 RH  Hub System - Requires- F..


$511.43 $409.14

Quicksilver Q4 48-8M0055561 Propeller Out Of Stock

Quicksilver Q4 48-8M0055561 Propeller

Q4 Quicksilver 48-8M0055561 4 Blade Stainless Steel 13 x 17 RH  Hub System - Requires- Flo..


$511.43 $409.14

Quicksilver Q4 48-8M0055562 Propeller Out Of Stock

Quicksilver Q4 48-8M0055562 Propeller

Q4 Quicksilver 48-8M0055562 4 Blade Stainless Steel 12.7 x 19 RH  Hub System - Requires- F..


$511.43 $409.14

Quicksilver Q4 48-8M0055563 Propeller Out Of Stock

Quicksilver Q4 48-8M0055563 Propeller

Q4 Quicksilver 48-8M0055563 4 Blade Stainless Steel 12.7 x 21 RH  Hub System - Requires- F..


$511.43 $409.14