Demo Prop Program

General Propeller DEMO PROP Program

  • Wondering if you have the best propeller for your boat
  • Which one should you buy
  • What do they feel like on my boat
  • My waters
  • In a chop
  • In a crosswind
  • Out the hole

Experience the ride quality, performance improvement, handling and overall feel of the latest propellers yourself with the new GP DEMO PROP program. Reasonable demo prices enable you to try different propellers with the demo cost of the prop you demo being applied to the set you decide on.

It’s simple… You either feel the benefit or you don’t!

Call General Propeller at 800-313-6025 to get started 

Questions & Answers

We will pre authorize your credit card for the retail amount of each propeller you demo, plus a $50/prop rental fee.

We will allow customers to demo up to 3 propellers at once

We want to ensure you have plenty of time to test out the prop/s, so you will have one week to demo the prop/s

If your prop is turned in after the due date, then your rental fee will not be credited towards the purchase of a new prop if you choose to buy one

You have one week from the due date to return the prop/s. After that, you will be charged the full MSRP of the prop plus the rental fee and applicable taxes.

Sometimes things happen, and we get it, but we have to keep our demo’s in top shape. You will be billed for any needed repairs, up to and including the replacement cost of the prop.

No problem! You will be charged the rental fee of $50/prop and if you decide to buy a prop within 60 days of your demo, then your rental fees will go towards the purchase of any stainless steel propeller

Absolutely. We will ship demo prop’s anywhere in the contiguous US.

The customer will be responsible for all shipping cost (to and from), but we are happy to provide you with shipping estimates beforehand. Just give us a call!

Currently, we have a limited selection of Mercury and Powertech models and sizes. The availability will constantly be changing, so please give us a call at 800-313-6025 to discuss options and check availability.