Volvo Penta Volvo Duoprop 22898642 G2 SET Volvo Duoprop 22898642 G2 SET Old# 22548192 Old# 3587375 Type G – Nibral Duoprop propellers Designed.. Category: Anvils Product #: 22898642 G2 SET
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Volvo Penta Duoprop Type G SET
Volvo Penta Duoprop Type G SET

Volvo Duoprop 22898642 G2 SET

Brand: Volvo Penta
Product Code: 22898642 G2 SET
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Volvo Duoprop 22898642 G2 SET
Old# 22548192
Old# 3587375
Type G – Nibral Duoprop propellers
Designed to capture the tremendous torque from the D4 and D6 engines, the patented blade
geometry provides optimal interaction between front and rear propellers for outstanding
efficiency and smooth and comfortable operation. The large blade area and great strength
ensure maximum grip and maneuverability. The extremely strong nibral (nickel-bronzealuminum)
alloy ensures minimum growth and excellent durability. Complete with shockabsorbing
rubber bushing and galvanic isolation makes it perfectly matched for the DPH-drive.
• Patented blade geometry, outstanding efficiency and comfort.
• Excellent durability, minimal marine growth.
• Extremely strong nibral (nickel-bronze-aluminum) alloy.
• Galvanic isolation protects the drive from corrosion caused by the propellers.
• Shock-absorbing rubber bushing reduces vibrations and stress on the drivetrain.
• Three-blade front propeller and four-blade rear propeller.

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Material Nibral
No. of Blades 3 & 4
Rotation LH & RH
Position Set
Duoprop Type G2