Volvo Duoprop 21924224 J4 Front

Volvo Duoprop 21924224 J4 Front

**Single Propeller Only**
Volvo Duoprop 21924224 J4 Front

280, 290, DP Drives
Type J – Aluminum Duoprop propellers
A completely modern aluminum propeller designed for our classic Duoprop drives. The patented blade geometry and large propeller diameter provides optimal efficiency as well as quiet and smooth operation. special high-strength aluminum alloy and squeeze casting process makes the propellers stronger and more durable than traditional die-cast propellers. Four layers of paint ensures excellent corrosion protection performance.

• Patented blade geometry and large active propeller diameter.
• Strong and durable high-strength aluminum alloy.
• Excellent anti-corrosion performance.
• Three-blade front propeller and four-blade rear propeller.
• Replaces type A and type B propellers (see below for details).
Note! Always use type C stainless steel propellers in engines exceeding 240 hp or capable of
speeds above 38 knots (45 mph). 

A Series numbering corresponds to J-Series numbering (approx.) i.e. A5  = J5
B Series numbering corresponds to one size larger J-Series numbering (approx.) i.e.B5  = J6
Same hardware as for A and B series are used, like propeller cone, propeller nuts and washers.
Note!  Do not mix J-Series with A or B series on the same drive.  For twin applications use only the same propeller type on both drives.

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Material Aluminum
No. of Blades 3
Rotation LH
Position Front
Duoprop Type J4
  • Product Code: 21924224 J4 F
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